Smart Care For Human

A company dedicated to developing robots that care for the lives of socially vulnerable groups
Robocare will create robots that make humans happier.

Robocare provides robot services for human care based on humanism,
including education, guidance, and robot-based dementia prevention programs.

Robocare's human-like robots are lifelong companions like family, always by our side.

  • Bio Health Care

    Bio Health Care

    IoT Medical Devices / Basic Health Management

    • Enhancing physical abilities through health exercises
    • Basic health management services
    • Blood Pressure

    • Blood Sugar

    • InBody

    • Heart Rate

  • Brain Health Care

    Brain Health Care

    Brain Health Contents / Brain Health Management

    • Emotional stability for alleviating depression
    • Cognitive function enhancement through brain health content
    • Early detection and prevention of dementia
    • Providing various educational/game contents
    • Cognitive training scores

    • Depression scores

    • Dementia scores

  • Daily Care

    Daily Care

    Care Contents / Emergency Services / Care Services

    • Leisure activities through play contents
    • Emergency alerts
    • Care services (medication and various daily alerts)
    • Interactive engagement activities
    • Senior activity data

    • Medication history

    • Chatbot function

A company that leads the humanoid robot technology

based on the human spirit and conttribute to the national development and human society by creating the corporate value

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