Bipedal Walking Humanoid Type Robot Platform


Bipedal walking humanoid type robot platform

KIBO is a humanoid type robot that looks like a human being and has the optimal platform to maximize interaction with human
Face that can express various emotions and bipedal walking system are the most advanced features of KIBO. KIBO 3.0 was released in March 2011 and is a bipedal walking humanoid robot system, enabling effective expression and communications between human and robot through various facial expression, lip sync, facial recognition, and objects recognizing functions.

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Item Description
Size 470mm x 510mm x 1100mm (Width x Length x Height)
Used sensors Imitation of the motions of human body and face tracking function: 3D camera (XTION)
Face Recognition: CCD Camera
Interacting function: Mic, LED,
Walking function: Inertial sensor, Gyro sensor
Walking speed Ordinary walking: 0.54 km/h (forward, backward and side walking ability)
Longest stride distance: 180 mm
Fastest walking speed: 0.64 km/h
Driving part (45 degrees of freedom) Arm: 6 degrees of freedom each (12 degrees of freedom)
Leg: 6 degrees of freedom each (12 degrees of freedom)
Neck: 2 degrees of freedom
Face: 15 degrees of freedom
Waist: 1 degree of freedom
Hand: Form adaptive type 1 degree of freedom that has 5 fingers
3D Camera: 1 degree of freedom for up & down tilting function
Weight 43kg
Battery power 30V 25A (max. 40 min. operationwhen fully charged) PCM safety circuit included
Connectivity Wifi
System 1 Unit of Windows PC, 1 Unit of Linux PC